Sylvia Venable(non-registered)
Dear Peggy,

You have so many beautiful photographs here, but two of my favorites are the one of the back of a girl, with that olive-colored skin and that perfect orange bow framing her hair, and that black-and-white photo of the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. Also, the picture of the wave in mid-roll was amazing, and you must be proud of what amounts to a wonderful body of work that reveals your great photographic eye. You must continue and build this into a new vocation and perhaps a career. Send your photos to National Geographic--they are always having photographic contests, and prizes are awarded that will enable you to work with master photographers, which I am sure you would love. Also, please let me know the brand and make of your camera. It is truly superior. My kudos to you, friend! Congratulations! With best wishes, Sylvia Venable
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